Big Data in Healthcare, Aragon

A technological platform that integrates all data from the health system for healthcare managers, educators, and researchers.


What is BIGAN?

BIGAN is the Big Data project of the Department of Health of the Government of Aragon, created to improve healthcare using data that are routinely collected within the public health system of Aragon. Development of the project has been entrusted to the Aragon Institute of Health Sciences (IACS).

The purpose of the project is to integrate all data collected within the health system on a technological platform, where it can be analysed by healthcare professionals, managers, educators, and researchers. The ultimate goal is to improve the healthcare system and the health of residents in Aragon through data observation. To achieve this, collection, analysis, and sharing of information between all involved stakeholders is vital.

BIGAN is a technological infrastructure owned by the Government of Aragon, managed by the Aragon Institute of Health Sciences, and financed by the Department of Health and the Aragon Health Service, in which information from health information systems and other useful sources is captured, anonymized, safeguarded, and analysed, in order to fulfil BIGAN’s objectives.

BIGAN guarantees the protection and anonymization of data at all times. No researchers who use the data will ever have access to any personal information that would enable identification of either the patient or their environment.

BIGAN and the development of the project is regulated by ORDER SAN/1355/2018, of August 1, published in the Official Gazette of Aragon on August 22 and in which the terms of its creation are established.


1. Collecting data

Routine collection of all data from the Aragonese public system.


2. Group data

Organization and integration of data in the platform.


3. BIGAN platform

Available to professionals for consultation and research.

BIGAN Research

BIGAN Research is the service provided by the BIGAN platform that provides access to the data contained therein to researchers who wish to carry out biomedical research projects involving the secondary use of health data.

The data access service is managed by the Aragon Institute of Health Sciences, and requires prior approval of the research protocol by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of Aragon (CEICA).

Data access

Any research group or consortium that wishes to carry out a biomedical research project with health data in Aragon can request access to health data managed by BIGAN, provided that it meets the...

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Technical-scientific consultancy

The Biocomputing Unit of the Aragon Institute of Health Sciences, the unit responsible for the management, maintenance, and development of the BIGAN infrastructure, offers scientific-technical...

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Data analysis

BIGAN and the IACS Biocomputing Unit provide researchers with access to the technological platform, tools, and knowledge of data analysis techniques. To carry out data analysis tasks, researchers must...

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Creation, integration, and monitoring of cohorts

Within the BIGAN platform it is possible to define static and dynamic patient cohorts based on clear case identification. Once a cohort has been identified and defined, it can be tracked, with...

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Secure processing environments

BIGAN provides researchers with access to the analytical power of its technological infrastructure via the use of Secure Processing Environments (SPE). This allows for execution of the necessary...

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Data catalogue

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